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Grow your business using LinkedIn
Online Summit - March 20th thru March 24th
20 world-class trainers. Each day's sessions available on-demand.
  • Learn easy to implement systems to generate hot leads on demand.
  • Follow proven blueprints to convert leads into high value clients within 21 to 30 days of contact.
  • Discover simple methods to maximize your content marketing strategies with LinkedIn.
  • Use LinkedIn to get coverage from big brand media outlets.
  • Listen to step by step case studies demonstrating how to increase sales & profits by social selling on LinkedIn.
Meet the LINKED INTELLIGENCE Online Summit Presenters
Monday, March 20th - videos available 12P CENTRAL
Foundation for Success

Every success story has its roots in a solid foundation. We kick off this Summit with the tricks, tips, dos and donts to LinkedIn success. These foundations for success will help hone your skills to not only see growth but most importantly, sustained growth.

What High Achievers Do Differently Than the 92% Who Fail to Reach Their Goals

-Scott Shickler
Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker & Co-Author of The 7 Mindsets

How to Build a Sustainable LinkedIn Success Habit: Mindsets, Discipline to Habits

-Don Hobbs
Executive Vice President, Maps Business Training

How to Create an All-Star, Profit Pulling LinkedIn Profile

-Adam Houlahan
LinkedIn Expert & Social Media Strategist

Storytelling for a More Compelling LinkedIn Profile

-Des Walsh
Executive Leadership Coach, LinkedIn Expert

tuesday, March 21st - VIDEOS AVAILABLE 12P CENTRAL
Strategy to Get Clients

Craft and hone your message. Through this you find your clients. Bringing the two together you achieve LinkedIn success you never thought you could.

5 Steps to Boost Sales
Conversations 52% or More

-Viveka von Rosen
CEO, Linked Into Business

How to Use LinkedIn
to Convert Prospects Into Clients

-Melonie Dodaro
CEO, Top Dog Social Media

How to Get 10+ Appointments Each Month with Qualified Prospects, in Just 30 Minutes a Day

-Josh Turner
CEO, Linked University and Linked Selling

How to Add 6 Figures to Your Bottom Line from LinkedIn

Jimena Cortes
LinkedIn Lead Generation & Marketing Expert

How to Use Webinars to Increase Sales and Phone Appointments Over 26%

Steve Jaffe
Webinar & Sales Presentation Expert

How to Get on the Radar of Government Buyers and Influencers

-Mark Amtower
Leading B2G LinkedIn expert, keynote speaker, award-winning GovCon consultant

"Trigger Events" - How to Get More Clients From LinkedIn Using Trigger Events

-Craig Elias
CEO, Shift Selling, Billion Dollar Idea Contest Winner

Grow Audience with Effective Messaging

Learn from the experts how to effectively grow your network... engage, enthrall, excite and convert fans to clients

How She Went From Unknown to 1,636,322+ LinkedIn Followers

-J.T. O'Donnell
CEO, Work It Daily

Effective Messaging: the Psychology of Crafting Compelling, Appointment Generating Messages

-Nathan Kievman
World Renowned LinkedIn Expert and Strategist

How to Automate a Critical Piece of Your Linked Strategy to Maximize Profits

-Zeev Wexler
CEO, Wexler Consulting Group, creator of LinkBoost software

Campaigns that Get Strategic Allies + Channel Partners

-Mike O'Neil
President, Integrated Alliances, Speaker, Author

Competitive Advantage Ahead of LinkedIn Changes

The LinkedIn world is always changing. Being ahead of that change is your competitive advantage. You’ll learn how to get ahead of the 17 changes to the member interface + how to get the most powerful silent sales tool

LinkedIn Apocalypse: What LinkedIn Is Taking Away and the Opportunity This Void Creates If You're in the Know

-Mark Williams
Independent LinkedIn Trainer aka 'Mr LinkedIn'

How to Leverage LinkedIn Recommendations to Get Your Foot Through Big Doors, Boost Conversions, Close Deals

-Jerome Knyszewski
CEO of Heavyshift Marketing

Get Profitable Big Media Coverage

Winning - You may not be a fan of politics but there's a reason some candidates win big (endorsements) and others are forgotten. Third party endorsements, in the business world it’s from news and media sources, are a key power lever vaulting you miles ahead of your competitors.

How to Use LinkedIn to Get Branded Media Coverage or Even a Reality TV Show

-Mike Abraham
Reality TV Star, Talent Management, Business Development

How to Leverage LinkedIn to Get Big Media Coverage on Entrepreneur and Others

-Clint Evans
CEO, StandOut Authority, LinkedIn Article expert

Video - Insider Strategy and Insights for a Compelling Multimedia Profile

-Starley Murray
TV Media Personality, Video Coach

get access to the experts... and implement their best strategies
 to generate massive opportunities

I initially reached out to Linked Strategies (Nate Kievman) as a referral from a well trusted vendor partner. I’m glad I did. With a new sales team on my hands, I had to triple our monthly opportunities with 3x revenue to hit our targets for the year. We received 797 positive replies in our first ninety days. From those positive replies, we received 83 appointment requests from 57 unique companies in our 1st 90 days using Linked Strategies… Amazing!”

BTW… these weren’t just any meetings. We we’re able to connect with the CEO of Heinz Mexico and the CSO of Kraft Foods just as an example. Linked Strategies whole team was committed to our success. I highly recommend their services to anyone who’s serious in accelerating their sales through predictable and cutting edge marketing strategies.


I enrolled in Josh Turner's LInkedIn program 2 years ago and started but didn't follow through until just recently. Well... I wish I had been doing what he teaches all along because, in a very short time the response and results it has generated is so powerful.

This week alone, one simple strategy has generated 28 very targeted leads for me. It's a work in progress but I can't say enough about the effectiveness his program [LinkedUniversity]. Thanks, Josh!


“Melonie Dodaro and her team at Top Dog Social Media really understand the in’s and out’s and the why’s and how’s of social media, to the degree that I haven’t seen in any other social media experts. The best thing about Melonie is that she has a deep understanding of the psychology of marketing, in addition to social media, which makes her truly unique. She worked with my staff to develop my social media profiles and I was truly impressed with her attention to detail, her professional service and integrity. I highly recommend Melonie and her social media marketing services.”


"When it comes to cracking the linkedin code, Melonie Dodaro really knows what she is talking about! I purchased her book LinkedIn Code for about $20, implemented her suggestions and within a week I made $4 000 in revenues that I can directly relate to her recommendations. I would say that that is a pretty good ROI!"

Your peers have spoken. Register so you can achieve higher in 2017.
Why LinkedIn?
  • 480 million professionals, business people are members
  • $83,000 per year average income per member. This means they can afford to buy from you
  • LinkedIn is the most effective place to connect with B2B buyers worldwide
  • Members use LinkedIn with their business mind. Meaning you provide something useful to their business or career, present your case through your sales process and members will buy. Members are there to do business Not see cousin Nick or twirling cat videos.
  • This is your Economic Opportunity to grow your business much faster.
The experts give you their process. Claim your access by registering.
why this linked intelligence summit ?

We designed this Linked Intelligence Summit with intention based on the science of how humans learn. Many summits are just a bunch of experts with lots of good strategies. But they don't give you a unified plan and step-by-step action process.

We designed this differently to give you that unified and effective process. We show you demonstrations. You get an online member community with discussion groups so you can get feedback when you take an action step, which means you're practicing. Practice is the 2nd most powerful way we learn!

Of course, you can help others because it's fun and because you learn at the deepest level by teaching others.

Client Reviews

"Nomen est Omen" in the case of @LinkedInExpert Viveka von Rosen.

Viveka is an expert I have been following on LinkedIn for a number of years and I was happy to have her on board as an expert speaker for NATO's Social Media Forum for International Organisations. Her enthusiasm and willingness to share her knowledge impressed all conference participants.


I highly recommend Viveka von Rosen's book 'LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day'. I've used Viveka's strategies to grow my LinkedIn network at a staggering pace, from just over 3,000 followers to almost 9,000 in 90 days! More importantly, the quality of those connections and the number of profile views have increased exponentially since I read Viveka's book. 

If you're a marketer, trying to generate leads through social media, becoming an influencer in your field or simply trying to network with fascinating people then you need to get this book!


I have not been able to stop raving about Adam Houlahan's work. I have never met anyone with such a deep 'how-to' and thoroughly researched knowledge of Social Media. To see him deliver on the promise of getting 50,000 connections inside one hour LIVE was absolutely extraordinary. Add to that that Adam is simply a lovely, gentle man and you'll understand why I have never recommended anyone higher in this field than Adam.Connect with him as soon as you can. And follow his recommendations. Doing that changes everything.

Meet your hosts
Clint Evans
CEO of StandOut Authority

I’m a columnist for and part of the Expert Contributor program. I’ve written articles that have been published by Yahoo, Austin Business Journal, and was one of the first to get accepted to publish full articles on LinkedIn. I’ve taught workshops for the Small Business Administration and CreativeLive.

Jerome Knyszewski
CEO of Heavyshift Marketing

On LinkedIn, Jerome Knyszewski is the European marketer with the most amount of written recommendations for his expertise, the most read marketing strategist on Pulse, over 2,5 million views, and under his leadership over 23,450 entrepreneurs from 6 continents have embraced digital marketing.

Scott Allen
Social Innovation Architect

Hi, my name is Scott Allen and I’ve been helping people transform virtual relationships into real business since 2002. I love technology, but not for its own sake — I love to see it transform people’s businesses, lives and communities when used effectively. I’m also a dad, a husband and grandfather of seven. I love movies, music, cooking, physics, poetry,  economics, politics, entrepreneurship, Toastmasters and Austin, Texas, all of which I may occasionally write about.

Learn the world-class process to turn LinkedIn prospects into clients. Don’t miss out on your Big 2017 goals!
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